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Bespoke Tailoring is the new way for you to get the exact ensembles you want. A unique bespoke experience, that is a class apart, from traditional shopping.

Bespoke Tailoring

At MF Darzi, our experienced couturiers assist you in creating the look that you have in mind. Help you select the right fabric, suggest styles and detailing!

The key elements of a Quality Bespoke Dress

The Real Bespoke Craftsmanship

Our Dresses are carefully made by our skilled tailors. They create a unique pattern based on your measurements and chalk it directly upon the fabric of your choice.

It takes nine tailors to perfect a suit

Canvassed to perfection

The canvas is a layer between the suit fabric and the lining that gives the jacket its shape. All our quality canvas is made from the finest horsehair and floating techniques. We also offer the Fused/Glued canvassing techniques- as required by our customer - Bespoke Clothing at Bespoke Budgeting

If a tailor is the architect of your style, the fabric is the soul of it!

Myriad of Quality Fabrics

At MF Darzi, we believe that the fit of a dress can still be altered, but a wrong or poor quality fabric can undo the aspirations, excitement and desire of a client who chooses Bespoke Tailoring for their style vision!

Since our inception, we have made it a point to ONLY provide Premium, Pure and authentic Fabric to customers. We directly import premium quality PURE fabric made in England, Italy and Turkey.

Some of the prominent Fabric brands that we use include Holland & Sherry, Soktas, Alumo, Huddersfield and Roger La Viale among others.

Start off your Bespoke Journey


Measuring - by skilled and experienced stitching craftsmen


Choose from hundreds of quality & pure fabric options


Choose cuts, style & fitting accessories with our Couturiers.


Experience the best Bespoke Fitting sessions of your dream Dress.


Delivery of the Finished Product